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Listen to my latest samples:
(All tracks produced & mixed by Jonathan Essex | Music Producer London)
I Found Love
Fire Of Love
Rolling Like Thunder
Fight With You
Take A Chance
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Music Producer London
A*M*E - Need U (100%)
(Mercury / Universal)
Music Producer London
Sony Music
(Sony Music Entertainment)
Music Producer London
peermusic uk
(World's Largest Independent Publisher)
Music Producer London

Music Producer London

I’m Jonathan, music producer in London. I work as a record producer here in the UK. Not only do I work as a record producer, but also as a songwriter and engineer. Because I have worked with many music producers and artists in the music industry today, I have a wealth of knowledge in producing pop music, electronic dance music & R&B.

Most of all, I strive to produce exciting new pop music that competes with the songs we hear on the radio and in the charts today. Furthermore, I want the songs I produce to stand up musically, lyrically and sonically to any other hit song. Consequently, your song(s) will be produced to the highest uncompromising quality, putting your demo on the top shelf in terms of acoustic quality, crisp production values and outstanding musicianship. I’m passionate about music production. Part of my job as a music producer is helping artists to the next level, and empowering them with the product to get there. So if you’ve been trying to find music producers in London, contact me today. I will work closely with you to develop your music in the direction you want. As a result, we should be able to achieve the outcome you desire.

Who I Work With

I work with both professional and aspiring singers, songwriters and aspiring music producers of all levels, from all over the world. For artists who are not as confident at writing but still require hit songs and productions, my songwriting partner and I are able to write bespoke songs that fit your genre and fan base. I also offer an online service. This is especially relevant for artists who are not London based, but would still like to work with me. For London based artists, I offer the option of physical recording sessions at a recording studio in London.

Music Producer London | Jonathan Essex can help you achieve your full potential whether you’re an aspiring recording artist, songwriter or producer.


Music Producer London

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Music Production | From £450

I can produce your melody and lyrics into a chart worthy single with a hit production. You provide a brief and I’ll produce a track ready for you to record vocals. International artists are able to work in the same way by recording your vocals in a local studio and sending me the stems, rather than travelling to London to record vocals. I predominantly produce EDM and pop.

Music Producer
Music Producer

Songwriting | From £450

For artists who are not as confident at writing but still require hit songs and productions, my co-writers are able to write bespoke songs that fit your genre and fanbase, therefore removing any potential barriers standing in the way of your success. Again, we will produce a track ready for you to come into the studio and record your vocals.

Mixing and Mastering | From £350

Mixing & mastering is the final and most critical stage of creating a new track because it’s what everyone will hear. I use only the latest state of the art audio processing software to enhance and maximise your song's potential. As a result, when your track is played, it will match the level and dynamic range of any other commercial track.

Music Producer



I LOVE the mix!! I really do! Thank you so much! 🙂

Barbara Kiss | Singer Songwriter

"Wow!"... It sounds great... It has a fantastic vibe with real energy and you've given it the production it really needs. Fantastic job...

Simon Brobyn | Songwriter

Hi Jonathan, it's exactly what I have been looking for! It's modern but still has a slightly mystical feel like that of my previous projects. Thank you so much. Very happy chap here! 🙂

Matthew Callow | Singer Songwriter

Sounds awesome mate... you smashed it!

J A S H | Singer Songwriter

Hey Jonathan... It's amazing! Love it! Really good quality and sound... Thanks so much... it's perfect!

Schahin Ahmadzai | Songwriter


What is a music producer?

A music producer or record producer is someone who has a very broad role in overseeing and managing the recording of a band or performer's music. If a band who plays their own instruments is recording, the producer will have an input into how or what the guitar plays, how the drums are performed, or how the singer sings, and so forth. In my case, I'm dealing with mainly programmed electronic music. As a result, my job as the producer is to create the backing track, create the song structure, and decide on vocal performance, including harmonies and ad-libs to create the desired sound. You can work with me both online or in my recording studios London.

Do I need a music producer?

Not necessarily. If you're a band who all play your own instruments, then you may just need a recording studio with an engineer. But if you don't play your own instrument(s), then you may need to hire either a music producer or session musicians. What you're really looking to achieve is the best recording possible of your song. In today's market, whatever your purpose is for recording your music, you need to show it off in the best possible light. In conclusion, If your song isn't polished, no one will take you seriously.

I need a music producer. Where can I find one?

You've found one. Take a listen to my samples and see if I'm producing the sound you're looking to achieve. If I am, contact me via the contact form to discuss your project. If I'm not, explore other producers via search engines and directories. Most of all, be sure to hire a producer who is doing the sound you're looking for.

How much does it cost to produce a song?

Cost will vary significantly from one producer to another, because some charge by the hour, whilst some charge for the project. I charge a flat fee for the whole project, no matter how long that takes. In addition to this, cost will also vary depending on ability and previous credits.

How do I know which music producer is right for me?

Finding the right music producer can seem like a daunting task because there are many to choose from, but it doesn't have to be. My advice would be to first of all listen to the producer's samples and previous work. Rather than being fixated on their credentials and who they have worked with, in my opinion, it is much more important that they are producing the music you wish to do. Finally, check that the costs are within your budget. It's that simple. In conclusion, if he or she is producing the sound you're looking for, at a cost you can afford, then probably they are the right producer for you.

I’m not based in London. Can I still work with you?

Although I'm a music producer in London, as mentioned above, you can be based anywhere in the world and still work with me. 90% of what I currently do is online based.

What is a demo?

A demo is a song or group of songs recorded for limited circulation or reference use rather than for general public release. A demo will enable you to approach industry professionals to showcase your talents.

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