Music Production

Have your lyrics and melodies transformed into custom made, radio ready productions.


Original Songs

Original songs written and produced in a style of your choice. For professional and aspiring artists.


Mixing and Mastering

Have your songs mixed and mastered with an array of industry standard gear.




Listen to my latest produced music:

(All tracks produced by Jonathan Essex Music Producer)

Chasing Faces

Defying Gravity
Like A Diamond
Get Up
White Lightning
Nothing Matters

What is a music producer

The details behind modern music production:

As a music producer based in London I can tell you that record production is the process of creating, recording, and arranging musical compositions. It involves the use of musical instruments, digital audio workstations, and other equipment to create, manipulate, and enhance sound.

The first step in producing a music track is to come up with an idea for a song or piece of music. This can be done by creating a rough sketch of the song's structure, including the rhythm, melody, and harmony. Next, it's time to choose the instruments and sounds you'll use to bring your idea to life. This could involve recording live instruments or using synthesisers, drum machines, and other virtual instruments to create sounds.

Once you've chosen your instruments, it's time to start recording. This can be done using a digital audio workstation (DAW), which allows you to record, edit, and manipulate audio. DAWs typically come with a variety of virtual instruments and effects that can be used to shape the sound of your recordings.

After you've recorded all of your audio tracks, it's time to start arranging and mixing your music. This involves adjusting the levels and timings of each track, as well as adding effects like reverb, delay, and compression to enhance the overall sound.

Finally, the last step in producing music is mastering, which involves making final adjustments to the overall sound of the song. This can include adjusting the volume, dynamic range, and stereo image, as well as adding final touches like EQ and limiting to ensure that the song sounds its best.

In conclusion, the production of music is a complex and rewarding process that allows musicians and producers to bring their musical visions to life. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, the key to success is to experiment, be creative, and never stop learning.

Jonathan Essex - A Commercial Top 40 Style Music Producer in London, Songwriter and Mix Engineer in UK. Pop, EDM, R&B and more.

Music Producer F.A.Q.

Do I need a music producer?

Not necessarily. If you're a band who all play your own instruments, then you may just need a recording studio with an engineer. But if you don't play your own instrument(s), then you may need to hire either a music producer or session musicians. What you're really looking to achieve is the best recording possible of your song. In today's market, whatever your purpose is for recording your music, you need to show it off in the best possible light. In conclusion, If your song isn't polished, no one will take you seriously.

I need a music producer. Where can I find one?

You've found one. Take a listen to my samples and see if I'm producing the sound you're looking to achieve. If I am, contact me via the contact form to discuss your project. If I'm not, explore other producers via search engines and directories. Most of all, be sure to hire a producer who is doing the sound you're looking for.

How much does it cost to produce a song?

Cost will vary significantly from one producer to another, because some charge by the hour, whilst some charge for the project. I charge a flat fee for the whole project, no matter how long that takes. In addition to this, cost will also vary depending on ability and previous credits.

How do I know which music producer is right for me?

Finding the right music producer can seem like a daunting task because there are many to choose from, but it doesn't have to be. My advice would be to first of all listen to the producer's samples and previous work. Rather than being fixated on their credentials and who they have worked with, in my opinion, it is much more important that they are producing the music you wish to do. Finally, check that the costs are within your budget. It's that simple. In conclusion, if he or she is producing the sound you're looking for, at a cost you can afford, then probably they are the right producer for you.

I’m not based in London. Can I still work with you?

Although I'm a music producer in London, as mentioned above, you can be based anywhere in the world and still work with me. 90% of what I currently do is online based.


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Award winning music produced in the UK

I’m Jonathan, a leading London based Music Producer, Songwriter and Engineer. I'm passionate about music production. Above all, I strive to produce exciting new music that competes with the songs we hear on the radio and in the charts today. Over the last 10 years I have produced hundreds of songs with songwriters and artists from all over the world, including the UK, USA, New Zealand, Qatar, Malaysia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Serbia.

I had piano lessons form the age of 6 until I was 16. Furthermore, I passed all 8 exams of The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music. By age 10 I was creating my own music. In my early 20’s I signed a music publishing deal with a major music publisher. I worked with many artists over the course of the next few years and had several songs released in Europe. Some of the artists I worked with have gone on to have UK and US No.1 hit singles.

I give my all on each and every project, no matter how big or small that project is. Most of all, I want the songs I produce to stand up musically, lyrically and sonically to any other hit song.

I work with both professional and aspiring singers, songwriters and record producers of all levels. Recent clients include Ronan Parke of Britain's Got Talent and A*M*E of Duke Dumont - Need U (100%).

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