Preparing Your Mix For Mastering

Preparing Your Mix For Mastering

Before you decide to send your song to be mastered, it’s worth spending some time referencing your mix. Compare it with other mixes in your library, listening carefully to the frequency range, dynamics and levels of the instruments. It’s important to choose a track that is similar in style to yours. Choosing a rock track […]


Monitors Vs Headphones: Which Should You Use When Mixing?

Living in a studio flat in central London back in 2005, it was impossible for me to play music through speaker monitors without being a nuisance to the neighbours. In addition, the acoustics of the room were problematic. This room needed a few grands worth of acoustic treatment throwing at it. I was starting out […]

Software Synthesisers

3 Most Popular Synths For EDM

With hundreds of synths available to purchase in 2020, I’ll breakdown a few of my favourites and the one most widely used in pop and EDM. These synths should offer you everything you need in terms of sound design. Some of the top music producers in London and indeed around the world use these synths […]

Recording A Live Music Show

Recording A Live Music Gig

When asked recently to record a live show for an artist whose album I had produced, I knew I had to be as prepared as possible to avoid any pitfalls that may present themselves. I’ve been a music producer in London for nearly 15 years, but recording a gig presents a unique set of challenges. […]

Bass Guitar In Pop Music

Bass In Pop Music

If you succeed in pulling off the rest of the components in your production, you only need an epic bass line to finish off your awesome pop song (you probably wouldn’t leave bass until the very end, but let’s pretend you did). Any pop music producer worth his or her salt should know there are no rules […]

Why You Need A Music Producer London

Why You Need A Music Producer

If you aren’t a professional recording artist then you could be forgiven for not knowing exactly what a music producer actually does. In a previous blog, I highlighted exactly what I and other pop music producers in the UK do on a day-to-day basis, but now it’s time for me to really showcase why you […]



Mastering | Music Producer London The final process of audio post-production is known as mastering. The reason for mastering is to attain a sonically balanced stereo mix in order to optimise playback across all formats and systems. A long established practise, the mastering process is usually carried out by a mastering engineer, although music producers […]

Vocal Editing | Music Producer London

Vocal Editing

Vocal Editing | Music Producer London You could say that the vocal is the most important element of a song. Pop songs on the radio have nigh on perfect vocals. The singers are incredible. Timing and tuning is usually as good as it is possible to be, and the vocals are well mixed, leaving us […]