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What is a music producer, anyway?

I’m Jonathan Essex, Music Producer London. As a music producer, I’m often asked exactly what it is I do. It can be difficult to summarise since each project is different. With that said, there are some running themes. The modern music producer is probably somewhat different to the music producers of old. Technology has improved […]

Mixing EDM | Sidechaining | Music Producer London


Sidechaining | Music Producer London If you’re a music producer, chances are you’ve at least heard of sidechaining. In a nutshell, sidechaining is a production technique where an alternative audio source is used to trigger a processor. A very common example of this technique is ducking, where the kick signal is fed into a compressor […]

Producing EDM

Producing EDM

The bulk of my work recently has been producing EDM (electronic dance music). As a music producer London I’m asked to produce all kinds of different music generally speaking, but EDM seems to be extremely popular right now. Dance music is all about the kick and bass. They are the foundations of the track. Get […]

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Recording Studios Versus Remote Sessions

More and more over the last 12 months, I’ve been working remotely with my clients, as opposed to the traditional physical recording studio setup. It saves my clients time and money, and it saves me time and money too. How? I hear you ask. Well, I’ll explain further below as I share a few of […]