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Music Production & Songwriting

Song & Music Production


Song & Music Production

The full package | Music Production & Songwriting.

If you are an aspiring recording artist looking for original songs to record, this package is for you. Have an original song, including production, written just for you by me and my songwriting partners.

Included in this package is:

• An original song

• Music production

• Vocal recording session, including vocal editing using the latest vocal editing software.

• Mix & master.

Music Production


Music Production

Have you written a song on piano or guitar and would now like to have it produced professionally?

Or are you a songwriter or artist wanting to write your own song to an already professionally produced backing track?

Music Production will make or break your songs in the current climate.

I can provide you with the highest quality productions for your top-line melody and lyrics. This is the perfect way to turn your initial song idea into a finished production and potential hit song.

This package is for songwriters, singers or aspiring music producers.

Mixing & mastering is included.




Are you a singer looking for an original song without the production?

Do you have lyrics and need help writing a melody? Or do you have a melody and would like some lyrics to be added to it?

My songwriting package is for aspiring artists and writers looking to put their focus and dedication into writing songs. Typically we will write your songs to piano or guitar.

Should you decide that you would like more production down the line, this can be discussed.

Working with me and my songwriting team, you are sure to get your music going in the direction you desire.

Mixing And Mastering


Mixing & Mastering

Mixing in a nutshell is using EQ, compression, reverb and a few other tricks, to bring your songs to life and make them sound as good as they possibly can. The process will result in your songs having a glossy feel. They will sound expensive and polished. I will endeavour to take your tracks to the next level sonically using an array of vintage desks, hardware and software.

Mastering is the process that happens after mixing. It is essential for any track that is looking to not get lost in the crowd. When your track is played, it will sound full, loud and match the level and dynamic range of any other commercial track.

Remix Package


Remix Package

Do you want to adapt or revise your song for radio or nightclub play?

Would you like to create a stereo or surround sound version of a song where none was previously available or alter a song to suit a specific music genre or radio format?

With remixing, there are no limits to what we can create.

Contact me now to discuss your remix needs.

Vocal Editing


Vocal Editing

Do you have vocals already recorded that need tuning?

Have you recorded multiple vocal tracks or harmonies that need aligning to get that 'Top 40' sound?

Using the most advanced equipment and software used daily by thousands of audio professionals around the world, I will correct intonation and timing problems and provide instant tight alignment of one audio signal to another, without distortion or artifacts.

Your vocals will have never sounded better.

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